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The person behind the webcomics Good Grief, A witch and her sibling and The Lucy and Peanut Show. Operates & posts on the Good Grief website, and my website.

What goes up, must come down, even if it’s a jumping cat!

Yesterday, I was walking on a trail. When I was exiting the trail, I saw a stray cat. (Yes, it was cute.) The weirdest part was when it jumped away.

For a while now, I had been thinking about that cat on the trail. I remember that the cat was…

It’s nothing.

Nero Claudius, best known as Padoru in her memes, the first one, which I have is right here. Now, Wii Health and Saftey Warnings: Make sure that yor volume is turned down to at least 10%, because the PADORU PADORU part was made LOUDER and REDDER. If you want to…

Microsoft LIED.

Around June, Microsoft unveiled Windows 11. Great. Also, did you know that this was written a long time ago? Anyway, IT’S LAUCHDAY! Also meaning it’s October 5, 2021! Also, Microsoft LIED. Windows 10 was not the last version of

Windows. It was a complete sham an conspiracy. Also, your time on Windows 10 will be up in five years. I did the math, and you will be using Windows 10 for 1825 days, which will be your grace period. We had some hints about Windows 11. We had this:

And you need a newsletter, if you seen my tweet, NO, THIS IS NOT SPONSORED! However, I am open for sponsors!

M.D. Walters tweet. You’re reading something from him right now!

As I was saying you should start the day with news, perferably with a little bit of jokes here and there… Well, I’m that person! Starting tomorrow, Wensday, October 6, 2021, I shall be hosting The News for Today!

Not the little toy printing press that only had one appearance in Peanuts!

You want to make an printing press? Well, have no fear, A guide on printing presses is here! First, get your printer and paper, turn on your printer, and this is optional if your printer is new, set up your printer, write a book, print your book so many times*…

Could you be the next Sherlock Holmes?

Our brain needs exercise every now and then, but will this be a hard one to swallow?

Somebody pointing a magnifying glass on a Macbook Air keyboard, while it's off
Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

1. The No Homework Mystery

One day, when class was almost finished, everyone was expecting homework, because, that’s how the teacher was. When the school bell has rung, all he said was “Class is dismissed.”

Why did he say that?

Because it was…

We all had that dream: more followers. But now, here is a sure-fire way to get followers in a flash!

1. Use hashtags

Using hashtags had helped my tweets gain more traffic, and more likes. I remember, one time, I was in a Samsung Unpacked. I was tweeting about it a lot that one of them got 9 likes! That was a record for me.

2. Mention people

Now, now, don’t be a loner! If you mention people, you’ll attract specific people looking at your tweet!

3a. Quote tweet

You heard of retweeting, but what about a quote tweet? Doing this can sometimes make you gain followers!

3b. Retweet

It won’t make you gain any followers or likes, just traffic.

I hope these suggestions had helped your Twitter account to rise!

As I am writing this on a Chromebook, with Android Pie, we still have this question, five years later.

We all love the internet, it helps to keep connected in these times, but let’s say, you bought a Chromebook or installed CloudReady, it’ll rely on your internet connection. And guess what? You need a connection to set both of these up! Everyone has internet but for these devices, it’ll…

We met legacy Google Meet, but now, we have someone to get acquainted with!

The new design is sleek, and black, with all of the icons moved around… Time to get to a hands-on!

New theme

Its background is black, and so is the bottom bar. The top right bar had been replaced. Its new main colour is blue

Say goodbye to Chat, Hello In-Call Messages!

It’s actually the same thing but with a new name

What if I hate the design, and want to go back?

Don’t worry. Its days are numbered. Google will remove the option to go back tomorrow, which, for those of you reading this in the future for nostalgia, the date Google marked was June 10, 2021.

Once upon a time, in the early 2010’s one monster that arose that wanted to eat your social media! It was… The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine! They even have a Twitter account too. Below is their last tweet, but who knows when they’ll strike again!

M.D. Walters

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